Frequently Asked Questions

PDGA Rule Book
How do I add more player's to a game?
Why do you need my contact list for this app?
I can't find the course I'm looking for?
How do I create a new course?
I don't see any courses for my country?
What is the difference between DiscGolf Lite and Pro?
The app crashes, what do I do?
Something doesn't work or I have a complaint, what should I do?
What are Strokeplay, Matchplay, Bogeyplay, Stableford and Modified Stableford?
Why can't I start a game when i have selected a player?
How do I go to the next hole on the scorecard?
How do I delete Saved Scorecards?
How do I delete Saved Players?
How do I delete Saved Courses?
I love DiscGolf! How can I help make it better?
How can I measure throws and locations as accurately as possible?
How do I get directions to a course?
Do you plan to link DiscGolf to DGCR?
There is some inaccurate data in DiscGolf. How can I correct it?
I run a website/facebook page for my local disc golf course/club - can I submit the course/club's website/facebook page to DiscGolf?
I own a disc golf store/course and I'd like to help promote DiscGolf.
I own a disc golf store/course and I'd like to be featured in DiscGolf.
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