DiscGolf Pro and DiscGolf Lite are available for Android 2.1+.

As of version 3.1 we are dropping support for Android 2.2 and below in favour of being able to offer better capabilities to our users. Although this time we were forced to do so by Google Google Play Services 4.0 - dropping support for Froyo and below

These applications have been developed to be used outdoors while playing discgolf. The application will work best if you enable your mobile or wireless network but if can also be used offline *. When the network is active you can download and share courses and your GPS (if you have one) can use assited GPS which reduces battery consumption when using the GPS. With this application you can create new courses and browse through our exsisting courses. All courses created, used or modified by you are stored locally in your phone. Changes you make to a course will automatically be uploaded and shared with other users so that everyone can benefit from having updated courses. In the list below you can see more of the features supported by our applications.

* Only available in DiscGolf Pro and DiscGolf Lite with a subscription

App features

Ads free
The application does not contain any Ads
Advanced player statistics
Much more statics and diagrams :)
More game types
StrokePlay, MatchPlay, BogeyPlay, Stableford and Modified Stableford
Synch games, players and courses between you devices
Online statistics
Log in and view statistics online
Online edit
Edit you games and players online (coming soon)
Play games and keep score even when you don't have mobile coverage.
(License and subscripton must be validated online. Courses and games synchronization can only be done online)
Share score
Share game score via Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Email, etc...
GPS measurement
Measure throwing distance using the GPS in your phone
Finish game
Finish the game to prevent future edits
You have full access to our course database
As of version 1.6 you can access our Online Help from the App
Add players from your contacts or create new players in the app
Course/hole GPS
Set start and end location of course holes
Course map
View course maps in your phone
View game statistics during or after playing a game
Game history
View game history - resume unfinished games or view old stats
Download new courses, view maps and share course updates with other players
Distance unit
Select your prefered unit of distance from: feet, meter and yard
Always availableAvailable with upgradeDiscGolf Pro available on Google PlayDiscGolf Lite available on Google Play

App permissions

The Android application requires a number of permissions to work in your phone. Here is a complete overview of which permissions are required and what they are used for:


    Courses are downloaded and shared via Internet. You are free to use any of the courses in our database and all the courses you create or modify will in turn be sent to the server to be shared with other users.


    We check if the application is running in offline mode or not. You can always run the application in offline mode, but that will prevent you from accessing our global course database.


    Add players from your contacts. To make it easier for you to add new players we allow you to select players from your phonebook/contacts. These players are imported into the app and will Not be shared with other users. By adding players from contacts we save name, mobile and email so that you can email them from the app later on.


    We do not use this, but we get it anyway since we support older phones and need the READ_CONTACTS permission (i.e. this is an Android quirk)


    GPS location for measuring distance and mapping courses. Depending of your version (Lite or Pro) we offer the ability to measure throwing distances and to map the course/hole locations.


    The internal phone vibrator is used to signal you of certain events in the app. This can be turned off in the app settings.


    DiscGolf Pro requires you to verify your application license. This will enable the Pro features in the application.


    DiscGolf is able to save your game data online so that you can synch games with other devices. To do this we need to verify that you are who you say you are so noone else will be able to access your data.


    DiscGolf Lite allow you to puchase subscriptions to get the same functionality as the Pro version.

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