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DiscGolf is a disc golf scorecard app for Android. It features course-maps, save throws-map while you play, manage and view scorecard, view and compare stats and much more!

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Smartly wear

DiscGolf Wear and SmartWatch apps are available for Android Wear and Sony SmartWatch. These apps allow you to manage your scorecard directly from your smartwatch while you are playing discgolf. They can also allow you to save throws while playing (currently only for Sony SmartWatch).

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View courses, edit your players and review games online. We also try and provide some additional info about discgolf in case you are interested ;)

DG 5.6 Bugfixes and more

Some smaller bugfixes in string plurals have been corrected but more importantly the app should run a bit faster from now on while loading games, courses, players etc. The webpage has also been updated with some minor but important bugfixes.

Character encoding problem finally solved

You might have noticed that some course names looks incorrect (for those of you who play on courses with international characters in the course name). If that is the case then you should be glad to know that we have solved the issue (finally). All Swedish courses have been updated (reload your courses to get the update), but the rest of the courses in the world will have to be updated by You players over time as we don\'t know the correct spelling of those courses :(

This change affects all users immediateley as it was a server side error which has now been fixed.

DG 5.4 New cool stuff

  1. You can now edit each hole name, info and distances manually. The hole name and distance is displayed in the portrait scorecard, but info can only be access via menu option
  2. No more back buttons in UI (since all android devices have a back button, these buttons were kind of redundant)
  3. Removeing Game, Course and Player is now only possible by swiping the from the list. An undo action will be displayed for a short while in case you made a mistake
  4. Optimizations on game results so redundant information isn\'t displayed
  5. Removing Measure distances feature as it is hard to understand and people aren\'t using it... (less maintenance to focus on other cool new features instead)
  6. More frequent synchs to the backend (your games will synch more often)
  7. Menu opt to go to scorecard from game results screen (and back)
  8. New material design (in a few places)
  9. Pull down to reload courses replaces the old menu option
  10. ...and some bugfixes of course :)